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Crafting Code and Building the Future: Kick-ass Software for Startups, One Flat Fee.

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What can we do for you?

The question would be: what can we NOT do?

For anything involving Full Stack Development, we got you covered.

Web App MVP

From zero to a functional product. Your customers will love it.

AI Project

Our experience with the latest AI technologies, makes us the perfect candidate to bring your idea to life.

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Get a high converting website that displays the best side of your product.

Chrome Extension

Sometimes the best way to bring a great user experience is integrating products into a browser.

Full Stack Software Development

Let us take care of that functionality you have been meaning to implement.


You don't know if something can be implemented? Do you know how long it will take? Or how much will it cost? Ask us!

Previous Work

Here are some examples of our work

Web App MVP

Tweet Niche

Product that helps business owners find their target user on Twitter.

Chrome Extension


Chrome extension that summarises the contents of any website without clicking on it.

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Black Blocks

Tool that helps entrepreneurs validate an idea before building it.


Some technologies we use


Why us?


If you were not convinced yet, here are some perks of working with us:

Lightning fast service.
Fixed price. No surprises.
Top-notch quality.
100% personalized and owned by you.

Fixed prices for every project

If you want to explore another type of project, let us know!

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In less than 48 hours.

Starting at$999
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Chrome Extension

In less than a month.

Starting at$3,999
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In less than a month.

Starting at$7,500
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